18 Amazing small-space bathroom storage ideas

By Ryan Klein 1 December 2023 13 Min Read
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Do you find yourself struggling with limited bathroom space? Fret not! In this comprehensive guide, we will unveil 18 amazing small-space bathroom storage ideas that will help you declutter and organize even the vertical storage on tiniest of bathrooms

When you’re trying to make your bathroom more organized, a big challenge is dealing with a small space. It doesn’t matter if you have a small apartment or a tiny guest bathroom; we all want smart solutions to store bathroom stuff. The trick to keeping your bathroom neat is to use every bit of space wisely. It’s like solving a puzzle. You’ll find ideas like cabinets under the sink that slide out so you can get things easily or using the walls for shelves. These ideas are simple but super effective. They help you make the most of your bathroom space and keep it looking nice, even if it’s really small.

Under-Sink Storage Secrets

The space under your bathroom sink is like a hidden treasure chest just waiting to be explored. Often, we forget about it, but with a little imagination, it can become a fantastic storage spot, making your bathroom clutter disappear. Let’s check out three smart ideas to optimize this space.

Sliding Shelves

Picture having shelves that slide in and out under your sink, making your stuff easy to reach. No more awkward bending or hunting in the dark for your shampoo. Sliding shelves are like magic drawers that glide smoothly. They come in different sizes and styles, so you can choose what suits your needs and bathroom style. These shelves are easy to install and super effective for keeping your bathroom neat and tidy.

Over-the-Pipe Shelves

The pipes under your sink can hog precious space, but don’t let them. Over-the-pipe shelves are designed to fit around those pipes, ensuring no space goes to waste. You can use them to store cleaning supplies, extra toilet paper, or small bins for various bathroom items. These shelves make your bathroom organized and ensure you don’t waste any room under the sink.

Tension Rods

Tension rods are simple yet genius additions for under-sink storage. You can easily hang them inside your cabinet to create extra storage space. They’re great for hanging spray bottles, cleaning cloths, or small baskets, making the most of vertical space. Tension rods are versatile and help tidy up the often messy space under the sink. By using them, you’ll be surprised at how much better your bathroom storage can be. It’s a budget-friendly solution that works wonders for bathroom organization.

Smart Wall Storage: Making the Most of Your Bathroom Space

To make the most of your bathroom without it feeling cramped, look to the walls for extra storage. Often, we forget about all the wall space in our bathrooms. Here are three clever ideas to take full advantage of that space.

Floating Cabinets

Floating cabinets are a clever way to keep bathroom stuff without hogging floor space. They hang on the wall and have a sleek, modern style while providing useful storage. You can even personalize them to fit your needs and the look of your bathroom. Whether you need space for towels, toiletries, or decorations, floating cabinets are a great way to use the wall in your bathroom.Under-Sink Storage Secrets

Open Shelves

Putting open shelves on the wall is not only handy but also adds a nice touch to your bathroom. They’re perfect for keeping things you use a lot right at hand. You can put towels, baskets, and pretty things on them and save space in your cabinets or under the sink. Open shelves are flexible and make your bathroom look better too.


Pegboards aren’t just for the garage; they work great for bathroom organization. These boards can hold all kinds of stuff using hooks and baskets. You can set up your bathroom things the way that makes the most sense to you. Pegboards help keep your bathroom tidy and make the most of the wall space. They’re a helpful addition to any small bathroom looking for more storage.

Double-Duty Furniture for More Space

In a small bathroom, furniture has to do more than just look good; it needs to help you store stuff. That’s where double-duty furniture comes in, with two cool options to boost your bathroom storage.

Mirror Cabinets

Imagine having a mirror that’s secretly a storage superhero. That’s what mirror cabinets do. They give you a place to check your reflection and hide away your bathroom gear. These mirrored cabinets have shelves and nooks to keep your stuff neat and tidy. They’re like a stylish storage solution that keeps your bathroom clutter-free.

bathroom storage hacks

Drawers in the Vanity

A vanity with drawers is a small bathroom’s best friend. It’s not just a spot to get ready; it’s also like a hidden storage treasure. These drawers are perfect for your makeup, hair tools, and more. They keep everything organized and easy to find. Plus, they free up your bathroom counter, making it look neat and giving you space for what’s important. It’s a smart choice for stylish bathroom storage.

Clever Countertop Storage

In a small bathroom, every inch of space matters, even your countertop. Let’s look at two smart ways to make the most of it.

Mason Jar Organizer

Mason jars do more than hold jam; they can help you stay organized. Use them to store small bathroom items like cotton balls, Q-tips, makeup brushes, or toothbrushes. You can see what’s in each jar, and they add a rustic touch to your bathroom. Mason jars keep your countertop tidy and make it look nicer. They’re a blend of practical and stylish storage.

Trays and Baskets

Trays and baskets are like magic tricks for your bathroom counter. They help you group things like perfumes, lotions, or grooming stuff. These handy trays and baskets keep your counter neat and everything close by. Find ones that match your bathroom’s style, and you’ll have an organized and good-looking counter. They make it easy to keep your daily things in order while adding a touch of personality to your bathroom.

Floating Shelves:Beautiful and Useful

In bathroom storage, floating shelves are like hidden gems. They’re a mix of looking good and being handy. Let’s check out two types that can totally change how you do bathroom storage.

Shelves with Towel Rods

Shelves with towel rods are clever storage. You can hang your towels and also put your bathroom things on them. These shelves are practical and look good in your bathroom. You can pick the style that fits your bathroom. It’s a nice way to make your bathroom storage more stylish and useful.

Corner Floating Shelves

In the corners of your bathroom that usually go to waste, corner floating shelves are just right. They turn those awkward spots into something useful and make your bathroom prettier. You can use them for decoration, storing your bathroom things, or keeping what you need close by. Corner floating shelves don’t just use your bathroom space well; they make it look better too. You can choose the size and style that fits your bathroom. These shelves are both stylish and useful, making your bathroom storage work well and look nice.

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Over-the-Door Organizers

In small bathrooms, over-the-door organizers are like hidden helpers. They hang on the back of your door and offer two clever storage choices:

Shoe Organizers:

These are usually for shoes but work great for bathroom stuff too. Hang one on your door, and you’ve got lots of pockets to put things in. You can store toiletries, cleaning stuff, and more. It keeps your bathroom neat without using up your space.

Pocket Organizers:

Pocket organizers use every bit of space behind your bathroom door. They have lots of pockets in different sizes. You can put things like hairdryers, brushes, makeup, or even small towels in them. They help you keep your bathroom stuff organized and easy to get to. Over-the-door organizers are a simple but super smart way to store things in small bathrooms.

Bathroom Storage Baskets: Stylish and Functional

When it comes to bathroom storage, nothing combines style and practicality quite like. In this section, we’ll explore one type of bathroom storage baskets:

Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets are not only charming but also highly functional for bathroom storage. They add a touch of rustic elegance to your bathroom decor while providing a smart solution for keeping things organized. These baskets come in various sizes, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your bathroom space. Use them to store towels, toiletries, or even as laundry hampers. Wicker baskets are not just about keeping your bathroom tidy; they are a stylish addition to your overall bathroom design, showcasing the beauty of practical bathroom storage.

Hidden Storage: Camouflaging Clutter

Small bathrooms often struggle with clutter, but there’s a clever solution—hidden storage. This section explores how to keep your bathroom looking sleek and tidy by disguising everyday items as part of your decor. Hidden storage ideas are not just about organizing your bathroom; they’re about making it beautiful and clutter-free at the same time.

Repurposing and Upcycling

To make the most of your bathroom storage, you can get creative by repurposing and upcycling. This means finding new uses for old or unusual items, turning them into smart storage solutions. It’s not just about saving space but also giving your bathroom a unique, personal style. These storage ideas focus on using things you already own in new ways, making your small bathroom tidier and more eco-friendly.

Towel Racks with a Twist

In small bathrooms, towel racks are not just for towels. Here, we’ll look at clever ways to use towel racks to keep your bathroom tidy. These ideas change things up by using towel racks for hanging baskets, shelves, or a place to put your daily stuff. It’s all about making the most of your space and giving your bathroom storage a practical and stylish twist.

Magnetic Magic: Organize with Magnets

In small bathrooms, magnets can be super helpful for storage. We’ll talk about how you can use magnets to make your bathroom more organized. From magnetic strips to magnetic containers, these ideas can help you tidy up and keep your bathroom stuff easy to reach. It’s about using the power of magnets to make your bathroom storage practical and clever, saving space and making things neat.

Mirror Cabinets: Reflecting Space

Mirror cabinets are a smart choice for small bathrooms. They’re mirrors that also have storage inside. These cabinets come in different sizes and styles to match your bathroom. You can keep things like toiletries and medicine in them, and they make your bathroom look bigger and tidier. It’s like having a secret storage spot behind your mirror, which saves space and makes your bathroom feel more open.

Custom Cabinetry: Tailored Solutions

Custom cabinetry is a great way to make your bathroom storage work for you. These cabinets are made just for your bathroom, so they fit perfectly. They can match your bathroom’s style and come with shelves, drawers, and compartments to keep your stuff organized. Custom cabinetry isn’t just about making your bathroom storage better; it’s also about creating a special and useful design that’s just right for you. It’s an investment that changes your bathroom into an organized and stylish space.

Minimalism in Bathroom Storage Ideas

Minimalism is a special way to make bathroom storage work better. It means keeping only what you really need and getting rid of the extra stuff. This makes your bathroom simple and organized. It’s not just about having less; it’s about using what you have in the best way. You can use open shelves with only the things you like or hidden storage that keeps your bathroom neat and roomy. Minimalism is a powerful idea for small bathrooms, making them both useful and good-looking. It turns your bathroom into a calm and tidy place.

FAQs: Your Burning Questions Answered

How can I maximize storage in a tiny bathroom?

To maximize storage in a tiny bathroom, use clever solutions like sliding shelves, over-the-pipe shelving, and tension rods under the sink. Utilize vertical space with floating cabinets and pegboards. Try multi-functional furniture like medicine cabinet mirrors and vanities with drawers. Make the most of nooks and crannies with corner shelves and behind-the-door shelving. Organize with countertop storage, floating shelves, and over-the-door organizers. Use clear containers and labels, embrace hidden storage, and consider minimalism for a clutter-free space.

What are some creative ways to organize a small bathroom on a budget?

Some creative ways to organize a small bathroom on a budget include using over-the-door organizers, repurposing items for storage, and embracing minimalism to declutter and simplify your space. These affordable ideas can make a big difference in your bathroom’s organization and functionality without breaking the bank.

How do I keep my small bathroom looking neat and tidy?

To keep your small bathroom looking neat and tidy, you can use smart storage solutions like hidden storage, over-the-door organizers, and minimalism. These ideas help you declutter and make the most of your space, creating an organized and serene bathroom.

What’s the best way to make a small bathroom appear more spacious?

The best way to make a small bathroom appear more spacious is to use storage solutions that declutter the space, like hidden storage, open shelving, and minimalistic design. These ideas can create a sense of openness and help your bathroom look larger and more organized.

Are there any storage solutions that can also enhance the bathroom’s aesthetics?

Yes, there are storage solutions that can make your bathroom look better while keeping it organized. For example, floating cabinets, open shelving, corner floating shelves, mirror cabinets, and custom cabinetry can enhance your bathroom’s aesthetics and provide efficient storage.


In conclusion, small-space bathroom storage doesn’t have to be a headache. With these 18 amazing ideas and a bit of creativity, you can transform your cramped bathroom into an organized and stylish oasis. Remember, the key is to make the most of every inch and to think outside the box. Happy organizing!